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Top Challenges Facing Organizations Today


Inspire team performance. Low morale results from a combination of many things, violations of equity theory, lack of direction/expectations, poor communication, strained or broken workplace systems, and a lack of buy-in. We have resources to mitigate all these factors and inspire team performance.


Attract top talent. Getting clear on “why” you exist results in a spiritual and inspirational connection with applicants who are inspired by your mission and your vision. With our solutions you will find applicants who believe in what you believe and will be a perfect fit for your organization.


Reduce sick days. Absenteeism most commonly occurs with violations of equity theory but can also occur when a job or task has lost its perceived connection with a greater purpose. We can show you how to fix these problems.


Reduce attrition. People don’t quit their organization; they quit their boss. Surveys show people will quit a bad manager but are twice as likely to quit a bad leader. Employee turnover can cost you well over $100,000 on each occurrence, not counting the lost institutional knowledge. Strong organizational leadership skills prevent high rates of turnover – we can show you how.


Inspired by a vision. Do your employees merely show up in exchange for a paycheck, or are they inspired by being part of something bigger and greater than themselves? We can show you how to tie your vision and mission statements to the intrinsic motivation of your employees, where they show up for the cause, and the paycheck is secondary.


Lead effectively. Micro-management is a result of leadership failure. We show you how to focus on outcomes and empower your staff. When your staff understands the value of their contribution and their accountability for achieving results – the outcome is stronger employee commitment and higher levels of productivity.

Helping you improve leadership performance at every level of your organization

Leadership Training Seminars

In our training seminars are structured as large classroom or auditorium instruction where we begin with theories of employee motivation, understanding how and why people choose the behaviors they choose. Then we show you how to analyze the systems within your business to eliminate waste and improve morale. Then we blend both theories of motivation and systems analysis with concepts of Executive-Level Leadership. This is when direction-setting and sense-making begin to emerge from the strategic apex of your organization. Then we show you how to construct a strategic plan to execute the direction-setting that just emerged from the strategic apex and communicate that plan all the way down to the line-level.

On-site Coaching

In our on-site coaching we teach these concepts to a small group of selected people within your organization and then work side-by-side with them to build and execute the programs and culture they just learned in the training.

Leadership Discovery Session

In this package we interview your top executives and middle managers to help identify opportunities for training. Through this collaborative process we can identify where opportunities exist to make the greatest impact to your organization.

Executive Leadership Breakthrough Session

In this package we interview your top executives and middle managers to identify opportunities for confidential transformative training specific to the strategic apex of your organization.