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Executive Level Leadership is a different type of leadership than Interpersonal Leadership that we normally see at lower levels in an organization. Executive Level Leadership is rarely taught or mentored, yet is vitally important to the success of all organizations.

- Bob Woolverton

Bob Woolverton

Leadership Expert

Masters Degree in Management and Leadership

FBI National Academy Graduate – Session #183

34 Years of experience in law enforcement leadership

Leadership Instructor at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center

Lean Six-Sigma Green Belt Certified

I will show you how to inspire all your employees towards mission accomplishment, even if they’re the janitor in your building. With my system, regardless of their piece of the overall puzzle, they’ll understand the importance of their role in the big picture, and further understand without their role, mission accomplishment isn’t possible.

I can help you build an organization where qualified candidates will be knocking on your door to work for you, even if your neighbor pays higher wages. I can help you build an organization where your employees will work for you with their blood, sweat, and tears.

I will show you how to change your recruitment efforts to attract quality candidates who find your profession to be an inspirational calling to service, rather than those candidates who are merely looking for a paycheck.

If you have a dream of what you want your organization to become or achieve (if you're in a senior leadership position - you must have this dream/vision), I can help you assemble a strategic plan to make that dream a reality. It all starts with a vision of the future. What is your vision of your organization's future?

The Things We Do Differently


Do your employees need to bring motivation to the workplace, or does the workplace motivate the employee? We help you understand the importance of this question and the different influences that affect employee behavior. Without understanding the different factors influencing employee motivation you’ll never understand why your employees choose the behaviors they choose.


Do your employees ask, “Why do we do this?” “Why do we do it this way?” Do you have a substantive answer? If not, your employees may be giving you a clue that improvements are necessary. Do your employees make comments among themselves like, “This is stupid,” or “this doesn’t make sense,” these are red flags, warning signs that management needs to take a closer look at the system or process in question. We show you how to apply the concepts of Lean Six-Sigma to improve the efficiency of all your systems.


Some people say Mission and Vision, but the Vision always comes first. Vision & Mission are the most misunderstood components of leading an organization. Many executive-level leaders do not understand the importance of these two items in providing guidance and intrinsic motivation to all employees within the organization. Vision and Mission statements are the foundation of all successful organizations – without understanding the importance of this single component, your organization will never succeed if it survives at all.


All organizations know they should do strategic planning, but very few make an effort. This step creates a detailed roadmap through specific goals and objectives on how to make the Vision Statement of the organization a reality. It also clarifies roles, expectations, and accountability to all employees regarding their role in vision accomplishment. Without a strong strategic plan, all of your managers and employees will be rowing in different directions, which results in a substantial waste of your human and capital resources.

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